Manas Mukherjee

Scientific Advisor

Professor Manas Mukherjee, a Principal Investigator and an Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS Singapore, is an experimental physicist specializing in the area of ion trap based quantum information processing and quantum sensing. He earned his Doctorate in Natural Sciences from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and worked as a Lise-Meitner international fellow at the university of Innsbruck, Austria. He was awarded the Max-Planck International Fellowship in 2010.   

Prof. Mukherjee leads an experimental research group on ion trap based quantum information processing. His research group contributed towards the first implementation of a quantum thermodynamic cycle, providing an insight into the working principles of a thermal engine near quantum limit. The group is one of the first groups to experimentally demonstrate a noise frequency sensing with a single probe beyond the Standard Quantum Limit. His current interest lies in the development and experimentation of quantum protocols both for sensing beyond the quantum limit as well as scalable quantum computing. Prof. Mukherjee works closely with industry outreach program of CQT providing regular courses on quantum technologies for corporates.