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In its nascent years, in human history, mathematics was primarily born as a way to understand the complex patterns embedded within the world around us, and quantify them.  Integers and fractions were introduced to enumerate objects and measure length; geometry was created to measure shape and size of objects and for architectural engineering. Pure mathematics laid the foundations over three hundred years. Eventually, it evolved and took a certain shape that led it to veer away from its mentioned preoccupation with the immediate physical world, and instead towards the realm of the abstract. The explorations into the realm of abstract mathematics continued in its own rhythm, until it was discovered that in fact, some of these abstract theories could be used to solve and tackle with certain complex real world problems. Thus, the present trends in the world of mathematics point to the focus towards its applications in the physical world. Today, the rigour of pure mathematics is used to solve problems related to space science, internet security encryption using number theory, mobile communication network through the application of BCH codes, to name a few. Moreover, with ever increasing processing speeds of computers, mathematicians can now model highly complex systems– such as mapping brain function, analysing neuro genetic disorders, and examining non-deterministic systems like the stock market or Brownian motion.

Translational Reserach Institute in Mathematics (TRIM) hopes to sustain this momentum, and further the beauty of mathematics in its applications in solving problems in our daily lives.


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Initially, RISE will start an MSc and PhD course starting July 2021. This will be pursued in collaboration with IISER Pune and other institutes following different MOUs that have been or will be signed in due course.
There is also a plan to start a two year M.Tech. course in Energy Materials and Technology. In addition to the course work, this will have a strong component of hands-on laboratory work practice providing insights into the research field.

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We are currently offering Master's and PhD programme jointly with CMI. We are promoting and fostering academic collaborations and joint projects with CQT. We are participating in joint research programmes with IISER Pune