The Chatterjee Group (TCG) has set up TCG Centres for Research and Education in Science and Technology (TCG CREST). We strive to become an institution of global eminence in pursuit of excellence in research and education in new and emerging areas of science. TCG CREST is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India.

Our Objective

  • TCG CREST (“CREST”) is a novel initiative aimed at creating a sustainable and globally-linked organization. Its mission is to conduct fundamental research at the frontiers of both science and technology. And, at the same time, CREST will provide globally competitive, on-going educational platforms in cutting edge technologies for which the demand-to-supply ratio is very large worldwide.
    In order to achieve this objective, CREST seeks a unique, evolutionary path toward building a Research University dedicated to invent a harmonious future for our world.
  • Instead of starting with the typical undergraduate teaching program, CREST begins at the opposite end. Namely, with research in emerging areas of science and technology that: (i) possesses a transformative potential; (ii) endows it with long-range, sustained support; and (iii) offers a functional autonomy; essential for its success.
  • Since science and technology are both global in nature, CREST seeks to be global from the onset. This is manifested by collaborating vigorously with its global partners and by recruiting talented researchers worldwide.
    CREST strives to create an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment where creativity thrives naturally. To achieve this outcome means vigilantly avoiding the common pitfalls of many research institutions. One of those is forming narrowly focused, departmental silos in combination with parochial approaches to problems. In sharp contrast and most critically, CREST seeks to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and concepts among the various research programs within its umbrella.
  • If one examines the history of the progress of science and technology over the last few centuries, it leads to an inescapable conclusion. Namely, that teaching and research, fundamental research and applied research, and science and technology are all frequently viewed through different lenses. However, in fact, they are, and should be, seamlessly integrated in their essence. This holistic connection has endured in the great research and educational institutions of the world through times of peace and prosperity. And, in times of great social and political upheaval as well.
  • Therefore, from its very inception, CREST strongly encourages and promotes an intellectual environment that recognizes education, research and technology as a necessary interdependent intellectual continuum.
  • CREST is aware that while its collaborative reach must be global, its center of gravity is local. And, that epicenter will be India….around the city of Kolkata. Consequently, CREST has begun to explore formal connections with other Indian institutions of eminence such as: ISI, IIT-KGP, CMI, IIM-C, IISER, and SINP. In its first build-out phase, the goal will be to create common programs through the exchange of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students. Joining these forces will enable greater achievements than can be done by researchers and institutions alone; especially in today’s world.

TCG CREST’s Corporate Identity Number (CIN) is U74120WB2010NPL141674, and our not-for-profit status is guaranteed under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.