Neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases represent a major global and growing public health threat. Thus, there is an urgent, unmet need for drug therapies that will prolong and will maintain/improve quality of life. The continued failure to discover new medicines reflects bottlenecks at: (i) pivotal stages of drug development, and (ii) new, interdisciplinary approaches in neuroscience discovery.

We are planning to create a new institute, Centre for High Impact Neurosciences, Technology and Applications or CHINTA in the area of translational neuroscience. This institute, to be based in TCG CREST, will innovate and deliver an integrated approach to solving the above mentioned, difficult challenges. Key to its success will be a network of experts/partnerships distributed across leading international institutions. 

Our Mission

  • Exploit innovative technologies based on patient-derived neural stem cells in order to rapidly discover potential new medicines.
  • Prioritize innovations in powerful, pre-clinical assay platforms. Examined will be the effects of disease-induced changes and interventions against them. Animal models, across biological scales, will be deployed.
  • Create a cross-disciplinary framework to optimize neuroscience research. Namely, significant synergies are expected from having young, next-gen Indian scientists with diverse backgrounds in physics, chemistry, various streams of engineering, computational and data sciences, etc. all interact very closely with one another. Further, this talent pool will be nurtured through collaborations with a global network of leading neuroscience institutions and exchange/visiting faculty programs.

Our Objectives

CHINTA – Path Forward