CHINTA is always looking for talented scientific minds to get engaged with us in creating an intellectual environment that recognizes education, research and technology as a necessary interdependent intellectual continuum.

Current Opening:  

Centre for High Impact Neuroscience and Translational Applications CHINTA), TCG CREST is inviting applications for recruitment of two Project Research Scientists on an immediate basis.

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Name of the Post: Project Research Scientist-I (Non-Medical)

Name of the Post: Project Research Scientist-II (Non-Medical)

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The stem cell biology and drug discovery group at CHINTA is curious to explore a wide spectrum of neurological disorders (neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative) using stem cell models, particularly human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). We are interested in investigating neuron-glia interactions in spinocerebellar ataxias, its molecular underpinnings and identifying potential drug targets suitable for translational research.  

Applicants should hold a masters or doctorate degree in physics, chemistry, biology, or a related subject. Experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell culture are desirable but not mandatory. Exceptional communication and presentation skills are essential. 

Researchers who wish to pursue their Ph.D or post-doctoral studies preferably should have their own fellowships. 

For technical positions, we would prefer undergraduates to join our group and will support a cell line development and engineering team in performing routine molecular biology tasks and general support across biology and cell culture laboratories.

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