FTSI – Food Technology and Science Institute, a vertical under TCG-CREST, aims to become a leading force in the realm of food science, driving innovation and collaboration for holistic food solutions. Nestled within the state-of-the-art Application Research and Development Centre (ARDC) in Sector-V Salt Lake, FTSI serves as a dynamic hub for pioneering research, fostering academia-industry partnership, and enabling the commercialization of research ideas.

Our cutting-edge facility is meticulously equipped for experimental studies across food science, biochemistry, microbiology, and sensory analysis, fostering an environment of exploration and innovation. More than just a research institution, FTSI thrives on collaboration, bridging the gap between academia and industry to develop novel sustainable food products.



  • Foster a collaborative environment for pioneering research in food science.
  • Bridge academia and industry to develop sustainable food solutions.
  • Drive innovation in food technology and production practices.
  • Commercialise research ideas to positively impact the food landscape.
  • Train world-class professionals in food science and technology.
  • Promote interdisciplinary approaches to address global food challenges.