Agnik Dasgupta

Assistant Professor

Dr. Agnik Dasgupta received his undergraduate degree from Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta with a major in Chemistry and minors in Physics and Mathematics. Dr. Dasgupta then pursued his PhD under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Amack and Dr. Lisa Manning at the State University of New York, Syracuse and Syracuse University, New York in Cell and Developmental Biology. Dr. Dasgupta continued his passion for research in developmental biology in the lab of Dr. A. J. Hudspeth as a Kavli Neural Systems Institute (KNSI) Postdoctoral Fellow at The Rockefeller University in New York, USA.

At CHINTA, Dr.Dasgupta is interested in the biology of nervous system development, as seemingly unstructured clusters of neuronal cells gradually transform into a highly elaborate connectome. To decipher the guiding principles that sculpt a complex neural system in a living animal, the Dasgupta group utilizes the peripheral sensory organ of the zebrafish, called the lateral line.

The group will take an interdisciplinary approach, employing a combination of genetic, cell biological, and computational tools to address how the dynamic interplay between physical and molecular processes determine neural specification and steer sensory morphogenesis.