Deep Dave

Food Technologist, FTSI


Deep is an accomplished R&D specialist with over five years of experience in the Food & Beverage (F&B) and Biotech industry; he has conceptualized and commercialized four novel products across B2B and D2C markets.

Post his graduation in biotechnology, he worked on multiple projects (DBT, DST, Welcome Trust) at IIT-B, pertaining to nanobiotechnology and pharmacology.  After working in the pharmaceutical industry for a year, he pursued a preventative approach. Fast forward two years, he passed out at the top of his class with a Master’s in Food Biotechnology from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT/UDCT), Mumbai. He worked at the forefront of the alternate protein sector, which was in its nascent stages during that time. Over the years, he has worked with prominent stakeholders in the sector and developed multiple products across different categories. He has immense experience in conventional and newfangled food processing technologies. His expertise includes new product development, plant proteins, hydrocolloid chemistry, emulsions, formulation and process development, flavour/seasoning applications, regulatory affairs & intellectual property.

He is currently leading the new product and application development part for ingredients produced in-house. He is leveraging his skills to drive the laboratory concepts toward commercial creations.