Dr. Soumitra Paloi

Scientist in Mycology, FTSI


Dr. Soumitra Paloi obtained his PhD from the University of Calcutta in 2019. His focus was on the diversity of macrofungi in West Bengal during his doctoral work and gained a solid understanding of fungal systematics, ecology, and biochemistry. He is well-versed in molecular phylogeny, morpho-anatomical characterizations, and working with fungi. He additionally investigated the nutritional value, antioxidant activity, and bioactive elements of several edible wild mushrooms during this time. He completed his first postdoc from the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Thailand (2020-2022) and here he focused on the intragenomic variation of insect-pathogenic fungi and implications in fungal taxonomy using high-throughput sequencing, as well as on the taxonomy of entomopathogenic fungus and Thai mushrooms. Additionally, he finished his second postdoctoral study on the nutritional potential and taxonomy of macrofungi from Chiang Mai University in Thailand (2022–2023). During his entire research tenure, he described 13 new fungal species from both India and other countries and published over 45 articles in peer-reviewed, high impact international journals. Besides his research, Dr. Paloi serves the scientific community as a reviewer for numerous esteemed journals and as the editor of the journal Studies in Fungi.

Currently he is working on identification of macro-fungi using modern techniques, their cultivation and potential food applications. Besides, he is developing a portfolio of fungal fermentation products.

Google scholar: Soumitra Paloi