Rajit Roy

Project Associate

 Rajit earned his Bachelor of Technology from SRM Institute of Science & Technology, majoring in Genetic Engineering. He completed his undergraduate research thesis in the laboratory of Dr. Ingrid Liu at Tzu Chi University in Taiwan where he worked on Alzheimer’s disease model in mice. Thereafter, he did a brief stint in the laboratory of Dr. Ron Yu at Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, USA as a short-term  scholar studying the mammalian  olfactory system using novel imaging and psychophysical techniques. He earned a Master of Science from Illinois State University in 2023 with a topical focus on neuroscience and physiology while working in the molecular neuroscience lab led by Dr. Wolfgang Stein and Dr. Andres Vidal-Gadea. His master’s thesis was geared towards a molecular understanding of the escape reflex circuit in crayfish.

At CHINTA, Rajit’s research focus will be on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in the context of learning and memory. He will be working closely with Assistant Professor Dr. Anant Jain to produce new insights in the rapidly evolving field of memory research with implications for our understanding of several brain disorders.

Rajit likes listening to Western classical music and is a lifetime member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India (yes, there’s one)!