April 11, 2022

Applications are now open for the position of PhD scholars at the Centre for Quantum Engineering, Research and Education (CQuERE). The programme is a joint endeavour by TCG CREST and IIT Tirupati (IITT). The focus area will be Quantum Computing.

The poster for the announcement can be found here:

How to apply:

Please register on our website first, and then login and fill this application form to apply.

Some important points:

–Please note that the application portal is open until the 16th of May, 2022.

–While filling the form, if your Graduation is not in the dropdown, please select ‘Others’ for ‘Degree’ and ‘Stream’, and add your qualification in the ‘Remarks’ section. For example, if you have a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, please enter this information in ‘Remarks’.

–Please contact info.cquere@tcgcrest.org for any queries and/or clarifications.