CQuERE Seminar Series

CQuERE Seminar Series (starting this month, June-2024) will consist of one talk every two weeks and occasionally lecture/tutorial series targeted mainly for the PhD students and post-docs working on various fields of theoretical and experimental quantum physics, such as- Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Communications, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Optics and Superconducting Qubit-based Quantum Computing. The seminar series is set for the benefit of the keen researchers in this field and also allows them to foster collaborations, both nationally and internationally. The seminars will be delivered by expert researchers of the relevant fields from India and abroad.

Please note that the seminars will be in hybrid mode and all the lectures will be broadcast live on our institute’s YouTube channel

Seminar Committee Members:

Dr. Avijit Mishra
Dr. Akshaya Jayashankar
Dr. Snehal Mandal