May 2, 2023

If you are interested in an internship opportunity at our center, please choose a faculty member whom you want to work with, and contact him/her directly over email. Details about the faculty members of the center can be found on our website under “Team”.
In your email to the chosen faculty, you should express your interest about the topic of interest that you want to do your internship on, that should align with the research interests of the chosen faculty. You should attach in your email your CV/resume and relevant academic transcript(s), and separately arrange for confidential reference letters to be sent directly to the chosen faculty soon by two of your referees. Reference letters are not required for Bachelors students, who have not yet attained their first university degree. If you also have relevant industry experience, you should highlight that in your email, and include in your CV a brief description of your work done in industry.
Subsequently, the concerned faculty will arrange for an online interview for the applicant based on the application materials. If selected, the candidate will then be offered a position at the center.