-CQuERE Film by American Physical Society (APS) TV 

-The APS TV film highlighted our centre in a pre-recorded video case study within the official broadcast at the American Physical Society (APS) 2023 March Meeting in Las Vegas (March 5-10, 2023). 

In the APS March Meeting of 2023, APS TV profiled some very high-profile centres including Department of Physics from Princeton University, E. L. Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University, Accenture Quantum Computing, qBraid, Riverlane, and the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology at Osaka University. 

APS TV was particularly interested in our latest innovative research into quantum computing, superconducting qubits, photonic integrated circuits, and quantum sensing, which they believed would make an exceptional fit with their focus areas for the APS March meeting of 2023. 

The video can be found here


CQuERE Overview Presentation

-We at TCG CREST aim to upload in our YouTube channel presentations and lectures on cutting-edge research topics in media, artificial intelligence, neurosciences, quantum computing, and sustainable energy. Please visit out YouTube channel here

Our playlists include: 

Quantum chemistry on quantum computers: 

A thorough and extensive lecture series consisting of 8 lectures, by Prof. Kenji Sugisaki on carrying out atomic and molecular calculations on quantum computers. For more details on topics covered, resources, etc, please visit: https://github.com/Kenji-Sugisaki/QC_seminar_at_CQuERE

The lectures can be accessed here

CQuERE seminars: 

At CQuERE, we organize seminars regularly where cutting-edge topics in quantum computing and information are discussed. The seminars can be viewed here


A conference that covers all the important and recent advances in the field of cold atom quantum computing. Organized in 2022. The talks can be found here