April 12, 2024

Scientists at CQuERE, TCG CREST and RRI, Bangalore, India to celebrate World Quantum Day 2024

In celebration of this year’s World Quantum Day (WQD) on April 14, quantum enthusiasts from around the world is commemorating all the quantum pillars and domains – from quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum sensing and quantum metrology – as well as their history and applications.

WQD encourages individuals and organisations around the world to join in with the celebrations of the quantum community by engaging the general public via workshops, panel discussions, talks, and exhibitions.

In homage to Planck’s constant, one of the fundamental values governing all quantum physics, this awareness day is held on the 14th of April. The ‘4.14’ date is derived by rounding the first digits of Planck’s constant, or 4.1356677×10−15 electron volt seconds, a product of energy and time.

World Quantum Day was first announced in 2021, with the inaugural celebration held on April 14, 2022. Last year, World Quantum Day saw global celebrations with over 400 events in more than 45 countries.

Prof. Urbasi Sinha from RRI, Bangalore and Prof. Arun K Pati from TCG CREST represent India for the World Quantum Day

By commemorating World Quantum Day, we acknowledge the tireless efforts of scientists, researchers, and innovators who continue to push the boundaries of quantum theory, paving the way for ground-breaking discoveries and technological advancements. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity of the quantum world, fostering curiosity, exploration, and collaboration across disciplines.

Professor Urbasi Sinha, Group Head of the Quantum Information and Computing (QuIC) lab at RRI, Bangalore said: “I am very excited by the enthusiastic participation that I see this year from different parts of India in celebrating World Quantum Day, through seminars, panel discussions as well as other innovative approaches. The impact of the day and quantum technologies in general is definitely growing every year in India and globally and I am glad that this year also saw the launch of India’s National Quantum Mission.”

Prof. Arun K Pati, who is known as the Father of Indian Quantum Computing, from Center for Quantum Engineering, Research and Education (CQuERE), TCG CREST said: “We all celebrate World Quantum Day to remember the profound impact of quantum mechanics on our understanding of the universe and its applications in technology, science, and everyday life. Quantum physics has revolutionized our comprehension of reality, revealing the bizarre behaviour of sub-atomic particles at the smallest scales, challenging classical notions of determinism, and opening new frontiers in computing, communication, and cryptography.”

Prof. Bhanu Das, who is Center Director for CQuERE, TCG CREST said: “The World Quantum Day has been celebrated on 14th April every year since 2021 in recognition of the profound impact quantum mechanics has had on many advances in basic sciences and applications in our daily lives. Coincidentally, the Centre of Quantum Engineering, Research (CQuERE), TCG CREST, Kolkata began its activities in 2021 with a blend of young and experienced scientists. This centre is dedicated to promoting research  and education in frontier areas of quantum science and technology. CQuERE has attracted many bright students and researchers  from all over India. In the future,  we hope to make the elegance and power  of  quantum mechanics accessible to young and curious minds all over world. It is my honour to let you all know that CQuERE will be observing World Quantum Day on 23rd April this year.”

World Quantum Day provides an opportunity to educate and inspire future generations about the wonders of quantum mechanics, encouraging curiosity-driven inquiry and nurturing the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers. By celebrating this day, we recognize the importance of quantum physics in shaping our understanding of the universe and shaping the future of technology.

For more information about World Quantum Day, please visit: https://worldquantumday.org/