Device Fabrication Lab

Coin Cell Assembly

  • One 4 ports glove box
  • Planetary Centrifuge Mixer and Ball Mill (Ar Gas Compatible) box.
  • Mini Tape Casting Coater w/ Heat-able Vacuum Bed & Vacuum Pump
  • Electric Hot Rolling Press
  • Compact Precision Disc Cutter
  • Coin cell crimping machine

Solid State Cell Assembly

  • One 4 ports glove box
  • Hydraulic Press (10 ton)
  • Customized Solid State cell
  • Load Cell

Pouch Cell assembly

  • Series of five 2 port glove box.
  • Compact & Precision Pneumatic Die Cutter
  • Semi-Auto Stacking Machine for Pouch Cell
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welder
  • Heating Sealer for Sealing Laminated Aluminium Case
  • Compact Vacuum Sealer
  • Compact Pouch Cell Case/Cup Forming Machine