Our research has major focuses on

  • Emphasis on the use of Earth Abundant Materials for cost effectiveness of applications  
  • Novel Device Concepts & Architectures  
  • Intellectual Property Creation Keeping Pace with Emerging Technology Trends
  • Outstanding Human Resource Creation

Batteries and Supercapacitors

  • Solid State Batteries
  • Flexible Batteries
  • Thin Film Batteries
  • Li and Na-ion Batteries with enhanced Performance in coin and Pouch Cell Formats
  • Novel and Scalable Synthesis of Battery Materials
  • Battery Systems for Electric Mobility
  • Battery Systems for Grid Scale Storage
  • Dynamic Analysis of National and International Trends in Battery Materials, Chemistries, Device Architectures and Applications
  • Computational and modelling studies

Hydrogen Energy

  • Hydrogen Generation Schemes
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Hydrogen Transportation
  • Fuel Cell Materials and system components
  • Novel catalysts based on Earth Abundant and 2D materials for Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) & Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER)
  • New Materials for membranes and Gas diffusion layer
  • Weight, Cost, Performance and Application Domain analysis

CO2 Reduction and Clean Fuels

  • Evaluation of different schemes for CO2 reduction, Interface Engineering, and Identification of Challenges
  • Computation Surface Science of Molecular Adsorption Phenomena and Energetics for CO2 activation
  • Development of Novel Catalysts, Photocatalysts, electrocatalysts for CO2 conversion to Clean Fuels
  • Studies on Specific Crystal Facets, Nanomaterials (Metal Oxides, Sufides, Nitrides), Nanocomposites, and 2D Materials (Chalcogenides, g-C3N4, Layered Double Hydroxides, and MXene Phases
  • System Design, Cost and Safety Considerations for Realistic Applications