Central Instrumentation Facility

Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE), Salt Lake, Sector V, Kolkata, India.


RISE is a vertical of TCG-CREST, which is a DSIR recognized and AcSIR affiliated. It is a section 8 not-for-profit Institution. RISE has established a world-class laboratory infrastructure for Research in the field of “Energy & Sustainability.” It includes several high-end characterization as well as some uniquely designed facilities that can be used for Advanced Materials and Device rRsearch.

We are pleased to offer assistance to Academia and Industry in characterizing their samples for R & D purposes. The sample testing charges stated below will be used towards equipment maintenance and enhancements at TCG-CREST. We have set up protocols for efficient delivery of results to the researchers from academia and industry.

Please find the Sample Testing Charges (for Indian Entities) with effect from 01.05.2023 by clicking the image below: