Energy conversion is to transform energy from one of its forms into another. Due to the limitations of fossil fuels, new energy materials with high efficiency are required. In RISE, our focus is to design efficient catalysts to address the challenging issues in renewable energy and chemical production. In particular, we are focusing on:

Designing efficient catalysts for Water Splitting (Photocatalysis, Electrocatalysis & Photo-electrocatalysis)

  • Economically feasible electrocatalysts that operate at minimal overpotentials and can show pH universality for the desired products.
  • Sunlight is an unlimited natural source but its efficiency for transformation to other energies is low. Development of high efficient photocatalysis with significantly enhanced activity and selectivity for the desired process.

CO2 conversion

Selective conversion and enhance the conversion efficiency

Green ammonia synthesis

Designing efficient catalyst which can suppress the hydrogen evolution reaction via weak H-adsorption at the surface of catalysts and boost the N2 reduction reaction resulting higher yield. Our overall objective is engineering of catalyst to boost production rate of renewable energy and chemical.