Positions for Next-Generation Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Metal Battery Research, July 2024

Job Description:

We are seeking a Project Associate (PA) and a Research Associate (RA) to join our team at the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE) at TCG CREST in Salt Lake, Kolkata, India. The primary responsibilities include researching electrode-electrolyte interfaces and interphases, designing modified/patterned current collectors, and understanding fundamental electrochemical parameters to better design next-generation, high-energy, anode-free metal batteries. We are looking for candidates with prior experience in fundamental electrochemistry, material synthesis, and material and electrochemical characterization techniques.

Required Qualifications:

  • Project Associate (PA): The candidate must have a Master’s degree in Chemistry/ Materials Science/ Physics/ Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering.
  • Research Associate (RA): The candidate must hold or soon obtain a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Sciences/ Materials Science/ Physics/ Mechanical, Chemical, or Materials Engineering.

For both positions, candidates with a strong understanding of fundamental electrochemistry, material synthesis, and material and electrochemical characterization are highly preferred.


  • Project Associate (PA): 1 position
  • Post-Doctoral/Research Associate (RA): 1 position


  • Project Associate (PA): INR 31,000 + 24% HRA
  • Post-Doctoral/Research Associate (RA): INR 58,000 + 24% HRA
Interested candidates are requested to write to kingshuk.roy@tcgcrest.org,  info.rise@tcgcrest.org
Last Date of Application: August 10, 2024


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