Job Openings at Food Technology & Science Institute (FTSI), April 2024


The newly formed Food Technology & Science Institute (FTSI) of TCG CREST invites applications for the following positions. Interested and eligible applicants can send the application to  mentioning “Job at FTSI” in the Subject.

Venue of work: FTSI, TCG CREST campus, Kolkata

1. Food Microbiologist

Experience: 2-3 years in food industry

Qualification: PhD /MSc/MTech in Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology

Position: Microbiologist

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Perform microbial analysis of food samples and different raw materials to ensure product quality
  • Knowledge on natural probiotic ingredient used by product manufacturers to create functional foods and beverages
  • Development of new food flavour/colour or any other value-added product via fermentation
  • Design and execute shelf-life studies to determine the effect of microorganisms on food spoilage and recommend preservation techniques
  • Collaborate with product development teams to incorporate antimicrobial agents and preservatives that are effective yet safe for consumer health
  • Monitor and assess the microbial environment of food production facilities to ensure compliance with hygiene and sanitation standards
  • Research and apply alternative microbial detection methods, such as molecular techniques, for faster and more accurate identification of pathogens in food samples
  • Inspect various factors which generally influence flavour and texture of food items
  • Implement the safety regulations for the various food products
  • Publication of research papers and designing of patents / process
  • Working experience in Industry will be given preference


2. Fermentation Technologist

Experience: 1 or 2 years in food industry with experience in large scale fermentation, enzyme and / other biomolecule production

Qualification: MSc, MTech in Biotechnology/Fermentation Technology/Industrial Biotechnology

Position: Research Associate – Fermentation

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Develop new or improve existing fermentation process to produce enzymes / metabolites / other biomolecules
  • Perform small scale studies to screen for different process parameters and media components
  • Setup, operate, monitor and troubleshooting in fermentation processes ranging from 1L to 50L and operate associated sensors and lab equipments
  • Develop strategies to improve the overall reliability and productivity of fermentation processes
  • Hands-on experience with benchtop bioreactors operation, and maintenance
  • Experience with aerobic as well as anaerobic bacteria, fungi and standard microbiology techniques
  • Proficient in aseptic techniques for microbial growth as well as testing
  • Experience with process scale up is a must
  • Experience in standard microbiological methods including media and plating, serial dilution, viable cell counting, microbial screening, microbial enumeration, staining etc is preferred


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