Speaker: Mr. Arka Banerjee

Affiliation: Final year Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

Date: 02/03/2022

Title: Obstruction to coarse embedding

Abstract: Gromov defined coarse embedding of a metric space into another metric space as a map that preserves distances up to some ‘uniformly controlled’  error. Consideration of coarse embedding into nice spaces has been proven very important in understanding many long-standing problems like Novikov Conjecture, Singer Conjecture about the vanishing of L^2 betti numbers, etc. John Roe defined coarse cohomology of a metric space that roughly measures how uniformly bounded subsets fit with each other in that space. In my talk, I will give a brief introduction to coarse cohomology of spaces and discuss a way of obstructing coarse embedding of a metric space into another by using Coarse cohomology of configuration space.