Title of the talk: Quantum Secure Public-Key Cryptography: History and Current Developments

Speaker: Ms Suparna Kundu

Abstract: The security of currently used public-key cryptography depends on the hardness assumption of integer factorization problems and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problems. These hard problems can be solved in polynomial time in the presence of a sufficiently large-scale quantum computer. Although no such quantum computer is present, the continuous improvement of this field may be a threat in the future for our recently used public-key primitives. Post-quantum cryptography is a branch of public-key cryptography which is capable to provide security in the post-quantum world. Lattice-based cryptography is one of the most important branches of post-quantum public-key cryptography. In this talk, I will briefly discuss the literature of quantum secure public-key cryptography and some recent developments in this field. Mainly, I will focus on Lattice-based cryptography.