January 26, 2022

RISE, TCG-CREST, is looking for a postdoctoral research associate to perform research on Li-ion battery materials (designing electrode and electrolyte materials) based on all-organic and organic-inorganic framework structures.

The main goals will be:(i) Design and synthesis of all-organic and organic-inorganic framework structures(ii) Understanding the structural and electronic properties of these framework structures(iii) Developing battery materials based on these systems and getting hands-on in terms of performing electrochemical characterizations required for battery studies.

The applicants should have a PhD in chemistry/materials science with a strong background handling these open framework structure-based materials. He/she should have strong skills in optimizing the synthesis parameters in terms of tuning the functional groups, post-synthetic modifications etc along with experience in material characterization techniques like PXRD, FTIR, Raman, XPS, BET etc. Experience working in COFs, MOFs is a must.The position is offered initially for 12 months, with a possibility of continuation based on the performance of the candidate.

Interested candidates should send their CV before 15 February 2022 to the following email,

The project will be carried out at the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE) TCG CREST in Kolkata. The laboratory infrastructure being developed at  the RISE laboratory at Salt Lake is absolutely first rate with several high-end facilities to perform high-impact research on materials and devices in the field of energy. The initial focus of our work is on batteries and hydrogen research. The envisaged program contemplates developing deep insights into the science of energy materials with a view to discover new materials and device architectures capable of superior performance features. 

For more information on TCG CREST, please visit: https://www.tcgcrest.org

For more information of RISE please visit https://www.tcgcrest.org/institutes/rise/