Dr. Abhik Banerjee

Research Scientist

Dr. Abhik Banerjee received a BSc and MSc in chemistry from University of Calcutta. He completed PhD in chemistry from National Chemical Laboratory , Pune (2015), where his thesis work focused on novel nanostructured materials for energy , environmental application under the direction of Professor Satishchandra Ogale. He then joined as postdoctoral researcher with Professor Yoon Seok Jung in the Chemical Engineering Department at Ulsan national Institute Science and technology( UNIST), South Korea where he focused on the synthesis of novel solid Na superionic conductor and solution processed coating of such conductor on cathode for better electrochemical performance. Later he joined postdoc at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with Professor Shirley Meng where his research focused on fundamental interfacial charge transfer limitation of solid state battery technology.

Abhik currently holds position of team leader of Research Institute of Sustainable Energy (RISE) under TCG CREST. The RISE will work on underlying causes that are currently hindering solid state battery, Silicon and Li metal anode , while providing practical approaches towards enabling safety, higher energy density and fast charging batteries. Dr. Abhik Banerjee has more than 10 years of experience in the design, novel chemical synthesis, characterization, and structure-property-performance relationships of a variety of materials, especially materials for solid state electrochemical energy storage. With a profound fundamental understanding of the relevant scientific and technological issues, Abhik has contributed significantly to the development of new materials for rechargeable batteries, development of novel synthesis/processing approaches, and a fundamental understanding of their structure-composition-performance relationships. His contributions are attested by 30 articles in archival journals and 5 patents.