Aninda Banerjee

Junior Research Fellow, IAI – TCG CREST

Research Interest

 I am currently focused on Low Dimensional Topology, Knot Theory, Knot invariants, Khovanov Homology, Braids, manifolds of dimensions 3 & 4. etc. I am also exploring areas of Differential Geometry, i.e., Vector Bundles, Classifying spaces, etc., and Algebraic Topology.

Project Experience

  • (M.Sc Project) This project was on Algebraic Geometry. I have studied some basic aspects of algebraic geometry and finished the project with an Interesting proof of Hilbert Nullstelensatz, under the supervision of Dr. Suparna Sen.

  • (B.Sc Project) The project was on Topological groups and the introduction of Haar measure on a locally compact topological group under the supervision of Dr. Pabitra Debnath.



  • M.Sc in Mathematics from University Of Calcutta, Pure Mathematics Department (2019-2021)

  • B.Sc in Mathematics from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, (2016-2019)


  • GATE (MA) Qualified.

  • NBHM (written) Qualified.

  • ISI, M.TECH (CrS) Shortlisted.