Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya

Honorary Adjunct Professor, IAI TCG CREST

Arnab Bhattacharya is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to which he is affiliated since December 2007. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in ComputerScience and Engineering in 2001 from Jadavpur University, India and then worked at Texas Instruments, India for one year before pursuing higher studies. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA in 2007. His current research interests include databases, data mining, natural language processing, information retrieval and artificial intelligence. Over the years, his work has led to more than 50publications in premier journals and conferences, including VLDB, ICDE, WWW, SIGMOD, CIKM, TKDE, etc. He has also authored a book on database indexing and searching techniques. Arnab holds three patents on multiple criteria decision analysis in databases. He has held senior positions in premier conferences, including being the PC Chair of DASFAA 2022, CoDS-COMAD 2020, and COMAD 2013. Additionally, he regularly serves in the program committees and editorial boards of reputed conferences and journals including VLDB, ICDE, AAAI, CIKM, TKDE, TKDD, etc. Over the years, he has also actively advised multiple Ph.D. and Masters students.