Bibhas Chandra Das

Junior Research Fellow, IAI – TCG CREST


I am working as a Junior Research Fellow at IAI, TCG CREST under the supervision of Dr. Nilanjan Datta and Dr. Avijit Dutta. Broadly my research area is Symmetric Key Cryptography. To be precise, my current research work is in the area of Symmetric Searchable Encryption(SSE). Our primary aim is to design Efficient Dynamic SSE schemes, which can provide security at the time of searching data, outsourced in a cloud server while allowing only the trivial leakages. Along with this, we want to design a universal framework for proving the security of any SSE scheme, which does not exist in literature as of now. I am also interested in Zero-Knowledge Proofs, BlockChain, Lattices, and Combinatorial Cryptography.


I completed my bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur, and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras respectively. I have completed my Master of Technology in Cryptography and Security from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Before that, I worked as a project student under Dr. Avishek Adhikary at University of Calcutta. During my M.Tech at ISI, I spent six months at University of Warwick, UK for my master’s dissertation. There I worked under Dr. Feng Hao in the area of E-Voting and Zero-Knowledge Proof of Works. After returning back from Uk, I joined TCG in August 2020.


You can easily call me a Movie Buff, especially Bengali Movies. I enjoy watching movies in theaters a lot. I am also interested in Football, both watching and playing. Executing sudden tour plans always makes me happy.

Contact Details

You can meet me during working hours at the office reserved for scholars at IAI. And during the weekend you can call me for a coffee, I will surely try. If that does not work, then you can give me a call at +91 7044672913 or can mail me at