Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy

Honorary Acting Director – IAI and Honorary Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board – IAI

Professor Bimal Kumar Roy is the Honorary Acting Director of IAI and also the Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of IAI. Prof. Roy is a Padmasree Awardee of 2015 and currently he is the chairman of National Statistical Commission, India, and a professor at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Prof. Roy was also the former Director of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He is also the founder and secretary of Cryptology Research Society of India, since its inception in 2001. He played the pioneering role in the development of cryptology research in India, and in the promotion of the science of modern cryptology in Indian academia and government agencies. He was instrumental in initiating and organizing Indocrypt (since 2000), one of the leading international conferences dedicated to cryptology. Under the umbrella of Tata Consultancy Services, he initiated & mentored Data Science/Analytics postgraduate programs in several institutes across the country.