Malabika Sarkar


Professor Malabika Sarkar is Mentor, TCG CREST. Her role and responsibilities include providing mentorship to the senior leadership team to help align the organisational structure of TCG CREST to its strategy and goals, to provide guidance in policy making and to develop strategic external partnerships.

Professor Sarkar was Vice Chancellor of Ashoka University (from 2019-2023). She joined Ashoka in 2015 as Principal Academic Advisor and took on the additional role of the University’s first Dean of Faculty and Research in 2016. She initiated the Natural Sciences Programme at Ashoka and led a distinguished group of science advisors in envisioning the initiative. She was earlier the First Vice-Chancellor of Presidency University in Kolkata (from 2011-2014) where she was responsible for moulding the iconic Presidency College into a University. Prior to that, at Jadavpur University, she was a Professor and Head of the Department of English, a member of many academic committees of the University, and a member of the University Council at a critical point in its history. She was a panel member of NAAC and member of several UGC committees.

An alumna of Cambridge University, later Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, she is an elected Life Member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge. She is also an invited Fellow of the English Association (FEA), UK. Primarily a Miltonist, her academic field is Early Modern Literature and the History of Science. Her other area of interest is Romantic literature and culture.

Since 2014, she is also President of the Women’s Coordinating Council (WCC), West Bengal (India), the apex women’s organization in the state with a membership of more than 70 social welfare organizations.