Swarnadeep Bhattacharya

Junior Research Fellow, IAI TCG CREST


I am working under the supervision of Dr. Swagatam Das, Associate Professor and Head, Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. The topics I’ve studied and have been studying and working on related to my research work broadly involve deep learning. Of late, I’ve been studying the details of Transformer architecture with the objective of its applications in the domain of Vision Transformer (ViT) which attains excellent results in the area of Computer Vision. Class Imbalance, which is the problem when the number of examples available for one or more classes in a classification problem is far less than other classes, is another topic of my study. In this context, I’m now referring to various intriguing frameworks (for example, M2m, GAMO, GAN, SMOTE) in order to study how our approach influences the effect of imbalance on classification.


I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from West Bengal University Of Technology and my M.Tech in Cryptology and Security from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata respectively. During my M.Tech at ISI Kolkata, I spent six months at Ericsson Research, Bangalore for my master’s dissertation. I worked there on a research project that involved the implementation of a verification tool that will primarily check whether a given security protocol satisfies some desired security properties. In designing the tool I’ve made effective use of the available PLY (Python Lex-Yacc) Package as part of its construction.


I find it engrossing to be associated with various literary pursuits while remaining musically inclined. Writing poems, articles etc., reading various literary works and listening to various kinds of music and of course watching movies of diverse foreign languages throughout the world primarily dominate my hobby. I also extremely enjoy solving a variety of interesting mathematical problems, particularly from several mathematics competitions and olympiads. I also extract immense pleasure from playing table tennis, cricket and chess.


You can write to me at bhattacharya.swarna.sb@gmail.com or, swarnadeep.bhattacharya@tcgcrest.org; I’ll respond without fail. You can also give me a call on my number +917890491518.