Professor Gour P. Das is organizing (as Chair) a Symposium (C-10) on “Materials for Energy” in Psi-k 2022 Conference at Lausanne, Switzerland.

This symposium will focus on the latest state-of-the-art developments in computational methodologies with predictive capabilities, for renewable energy materials and related applications. The high-performance materials for energy conversion and storage will include (but not restricted to) batteries, capacitors, hydrogen evolution photo/electro-catalysts, photovoltaics, as realized on doped and alloyed materials, defect states, oxide and perovskite surfaces and interfaces, functionalized 2D materials and some emerging nanostructures. This major conference – the largest worldwide in electronic-structure – brings together the community that is active in the field, as described by the Psi-k mission statement: “… to develop fundamental theory, algorithms, and computer codes in order to understand, predict, and design materials properties and functions.”