We are a group of highly motivated and passionate individuals dedicated to fundamental and applied science as well as to the development of new and novel materials and device technologies of interest to the emergent world scene.

The initial goal of our institute is to pursue cutting edge research on the current and gen-next battery chemistries and systems. We strive to meet the growing challenges of increasing the overall energy and power densities, as well as the cycling stability for the future electric mobility, IOT, wearable electronics, and grid scale storage applications. In the early phase of research, RISE will focus on the underlying causes that are currently hindering solid state battery technology, as well as silicon and Li metal anode designs in this regard. We will offer practical approaches to providing safe, high energy density, and fast-charging batteries.

Parallelly, We also propose to develop new, highly efficient and robust catalysts, materials, and systems for hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications, as well as conversion of carbon dioxide to clean fuels. Also, research efforts will be undertaken to synthesize novel hybrid and halide perovskite materials for next generation solar cell and LED applications.

Our research will emphasize: (i) Direct and synergistic integration of novel synthesis using new experimental techniques; (ii) Characterizations transcending from atomic-scale to micron-scale to generate thorough insights into the structure property relationships; and (iii) Scaling-up studies to take laboratory science of materials and devices to realistic applications.

Our priority will be to develop intellectual property. We will also collaborate actively both nationally and internationally; work with industry and the government; and engage in high-end translational research for societal good. Several initiatives along this line are already in pipeline, especially with UK universities. An important three research agreement has been made with IISER Pune and intense research along the lines mentioned above is already in progress with several joint publications already published and others being under preparation.

Our Vision

  • High-End, Cutting Edge Research in Clean Energy, IP creation
  • Excellence in Higher Education & Human Resource Development
  • Technology Development aligned with National Missions
  • Product-targeted Industry Interactions, Start-ups 
  • National and International Collaboration & Cooperation with best
  • Institutes and Scientists around the globe
  • Constant Eye on Potential Societal Impact
  • National & International Data/Trend analysis (Cost, Human Development, Urban Vs Rural, Markets, Businesses)
  • Sustainable Nation Building