CREST School: Applied Combinatorics – Cryptography and Combinatorial Topology


Institute for Advancing Intelligence (IAI) under the aegis of TCG Centres for Research and Education in Science and Technology (TCG CREST), is organizing a Summer School in Applied Combinatorics with a special focus on Foundations, Cryptology and Combinatorial Topology from 11.07.2022 – 22.07.2022. Interested Research Fellows, Post-graduate Students and Final Year Graduate Students with Mathematics as a core subject may apply.

Candidates will be selected based on their academic career and their response to the queries given in the application form. Accommodation and travel fares will be provided to all out-station students. An official certificate will be given to all the participants.

Dates to Remember:

  • Workshop Dates: 11.07.22 – 22.07.22
  • Application Begins: 20.05.2022
  • Application Ends: 15.06.2022

How to Apply?

You have to apply via sending an e-mail to with your detailed CV including some questionaries. For details [Click Here].


  • Foundation (12 Lectures): Polya Theory, Generating Functions, Pigeon-hole Principles, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Designs, Partition, Latin Squares, Orthogonal Arrays, Basic Number Theory, Galois Fields.

  • Cryptography (9 Lectures): Introduction, Stream Cipher, Block Cipher, Public Key Cryptography, Boolean Functions in Cryptography, Advanced Combinatorial Problems in Cryptography, Quantum Computation.

  • Combinatorial Topology (12 Lectures): The topological Tverberg problem, Kakutani and Dyson’s Theorems, The index of Grassmannians and flag manifolds and orthogonal shadows, Graph Colouring, Topology of independent sets of a graph, Kneser’s conjecture, Discrete Morse Theory, Morse Homology.

    The complete program schedule can be found [Here].