Facilitating research in fundamental science and cohesive technology

TCG CREST aspires to be a world-leading research institute that unleashes the untapped and true potential of human talent.

As an institution , TCG CREST is especially dedicated to the three Ks: Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Application, and Knowledge Dissemination. The focus is on creating a strong network with highly-reputed knowledge centres throughout the world--- universities, research institutions, technology-driven global corporate entities, and academic communities. The goal is to inculcate a strong culture of continual knowledge exchange through: research, student exchange, faculty exchange, joint projects, collaborative workshops, participative seminars, and a host of classroom interactions.

Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee
Founder and Chairman of TCG CREST.


Our Campus

Our campus is being built in Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata using eco-friendly materials and incorporating ergonomics of sustainable energy

About Us

The Chatterjee Group (TCG) has set up the TCG Centres for Research and Education in Science and Technology (TCG CREST), a not-for-profit private company limited by guarantee under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. TCG CREST aspires to become an institution of global eminence in pursuit of excellence in research and education in new and emerging areas of science and technology. Its Corporate Identity Number (CIN) is U74120WB2010NPL141674.

Our Mission

TCG-CREST, also referred to as CREST only, is a novel initiative aimed at creating a sustainable and globally linked organization for conducting fundamental research at the frontiers of both science and technology and, providing globally competitive educational platforms in cutting edge technologies for which the demand-to-supply ratio is very large all over the world.

Our Plan

In order to achieve the global objective, CREST follows a unique evolutionary path towards building a Research University dedicated to invent a harmonious future for the planet we inhabit. The history of human progress in science and technology over the last few centuries has set the path for teaching and research as the only means to salvage mankind.

Our Vision

Instead of starting with an undergraduate teaching program as is typical, TCG CREST starts at the very opposite end – with research in emerging areas of science and technology equipped with transformative potential. At the onset seeds of functional autonomy are sown and funds are generated for a long-range sustained support as this is essential for its success.


Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI)

It is a centre of excellence for teaching and research in the mathematical sciences. Founded in 1989 as part of the SPIC Science Foundation, it has been an autonomous institute since 1996. The research groups in Mathematics and Computer Science at CMI are among the best known in the country.

We are currently offering Master's and PhD programme jointly with CMI

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Centre for Quantum Technologies ( CQT )

The Centre for Quantum Technologies(CQT) in Singapore was established in December 2007 as the city's and state's first research centre of excellence. CQT has more than 100 researchers. It brings quantum physicist and computer scientist altogether to explore the quantum nature of reality and the fundamental limits of information processing

We are promoting and fostering academic collaborations and joint projects with CQT

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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune is an autonomous research-intensive institute founded in the year 2006 by the ministry of human resource development (MHRD), Government of India. IISER Pune represents a unique initiative of integrating teaching and education with state-of-the-art research facilities in the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, earth and climate sciences and humanities and social sciences

We are participating in joint research programmes with IISER Pune in the areas of sustainable energy and allied subjects.

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