May 1, 2024

We are proud to announce that a paper co-authored by Narayan Changder, an Assistant Professor in Institute for Advancing Intelligence (IAI), TCG CREST  has been  accepted for presentation at IJCAI 2024, the 33rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. This conference is one of the most recognized global conferences in AI with a  CORE ranking of A*.

The paper  titled ‘Faster Optimal Coalition Structure Generation via Offline Coalition Selection and Graph-Based Search’ authored by Redha Taguelmimt, Samir Aknine, Djamila Boukredera, Narayan Changder, and Tuomas Sandholm deals with algorithms for coalition structure generation.

Coalition structure generation is a concept within cooperative game theory that deals with the formation of groups, or coalitions, among players in a game. In cooperative games, players can form coalitions to achieve mutual benefits. Coalition structure generation has applications in various fields, such as in economics, political science, and computer science. It is particularly useful in scenarios where cooperation among multiple agents or players is necessary to achieve common goals or maximize overall outcomes.