We are organizing a bi-weekly seminar, Meet-in-the-Middle, from 18th August 2021. This seminar is held on each Wednesday from 16:00. The aim of this seminar is to create the diversification of the knowledge and to share and explore new research ideas in Computer Science and Mathematics among the researchers and the students. Each week, a designated speaker from IAI (Faculties or Postdocs) or from other institutes delivers the talk. Further details are available at

Student Seminar


We are organizing a bi-weekly student research seminar series, Student Colloquium, from 31st August 2022. This seminar is held on alternate Wednesday from 16:00.  The objective of this seminar series is to give a platform to the research scholars, where they will present research papers (either from their research area or any other relevant research works that they found to be interesting). This in turn will help the students to learn:
  • How to face the audience and gain confidence while delivering talks
  • Increasing the speaking ability in English
  • How to prepare slides and how to finish talks within a stipulated time
  • How to handle questions from audiences, and
  • Finally, getting an idea about the research works that other students are pursuing.
A designated research scholar from IAI will be delivering the talk. A prior notice about the topic is intimated a week before the talk. Further details are available at