The research program in the Cryptography and Security group at IAI TCG-CREST focuses on the theoretical as well as the applied aspect of Cryptology and Security research. The long term objective of the group is to carry out top-notch academic and industrial research in the field of theoretical and applied Cryptography and Security and to bring out the future generation leading crypto experts by the means of providing rigorous training in the field. Alongside, the plan is to carry out successful collaboration with industries and government agencies for innovation and international accolades. To find the details of this group [click here]


Translational Research in Mathematics (TRIM)

This group is planned along three verticals–fundamental research, mathematical applications, and translational innovation. While fundamental research will be at the heart of the Institute, the vertical for translational innovation will closely interface with research to seek out theories and solutions that can fundamentally boost other domains of science and technology. Lastly, mathematical applications will be the Institute’s window to the real world with the objective to explore the power of mathematics in solving real-life problems arising from various domains of science and technology, significantly amplified by interfacing with the vertical on translational innovation. To find the details of this group [click here].

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) are intertwined with every aspect of our daily lives. Their pertinence is increasing with time as well. This group at TCG CREST is motivated to achieve excellence in this field through fundamental, human-centric and sustainable research. The primary goal is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the domain. The researchers in this group are already carrying out collaborative research with premier institutes in India and abroad. The group strives to expand its research network globally in the long run.  To find the details of this group [click here]