Upcoming Conferences / Workshops

  • INDOCRYPT 2022: It is the 23rd International Conference on Cryptology in India. The conference will take place during 11-14 December 2022 at TCG CREST in association with Bose Institute and R.C.Bose Centre for Crtptology and Security. Indocrypt 2022 is part of the Indocrypt series organized under the aegis of the Cryptology Research Society of India.

Conferences and Workshops Held:

  • CREST-School 2022: The Summer School was held from 11.07.2022 – 22.07.2022 in Applied Combinatorics with a special focus on Foundations, Cryptology and Combinatorial Topology. A total of 55 Post-doctoral fellows, Research Scholars and Post-graduate Students from reputed Indian Institutes (ISI, IITs, CMI, CU, Presidency, NITs) attended the workshop.

  • International Crypto Webinar 2021

  • International Crypto Webinar 2020