Dr. Amit Bhattacharyya

Honorary Adjunct Faculty, IAI TCG CREST


Dr Amit Bhattacharyya is a senior engineer at IonQ, a quantum computing company building the next generation of computers using trapped-ion technology.  He leads machine learning efforts to use data to stabilize and improve system performance.  He holds a PhD in physics and is currently working at the intersection of physics-based engineering and machine learning.

Dr. Bhattacharyya also teaches in the Data Science program at the UC Berkeley School of Information. He received a Ph.D. in physics from Indiana University. 

Previously he led data science efforts at Vox Media (digital publishing) and Teachers Pay Teachers (online education marketplace).  Prior to that, he has over 12 years of working as a quant in the financial industry at various major banks and hedge funds.

In his spare time, he likes to plan skiing and backpacking trips, and dabble with machine learning algorithms for fantasy football.  He lives outside of NYC with his wife and teenage daughters.