Kuldeep Saha

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:

  • Geometric Topology,
  • Combinatorial and Applied Topology.


I have done Ph.D. in Mathematics from Chennai Mathematical Institute, 2020. My thesis title is “On some embedding problems of closed oriented manifolds in the smooth and contact category”, and my advisor was Dishant M. Pancholi. Before Ph.D., I have done M.Sc. and B.E in Mathematics from RKM Vivekananda University, Belur Math, and Jadavpur University in 2013 and 2011 respectively.

I have worked as Project Associate and Research Associate in the Dept. of Mathematics, IISER Bhopal from December 2019 – August 2020, and September 2020 – February 2021 respectively.


  • Algebra and Its Applications (Research Scholars, IAI-TCG CREST) – 2021
  • Probability and Statistics as Guest Lecturer (CSE B. Tech 1st year, SRM AP University, Amaravati) – 2021.
  • Linear Algebra as Teaching Assistant (BS-MS 1st year, IISER, Bhopal) – 2020.
  • Multivariable calculus as Teaching Assistant (BS-MS 1st year, IISER, Bhopal) – 2019.
  • Differential Equations as Teaching Assistant (M.Sc. course, Sem 1, CMI) – 2016.
  • Differential Equation as Teaching Assistant (BSc. course, Sem. 1, CMI) – 2015.
  • Topology as Teaching Assistant (M.Sc. course, Sem. 2, CMI) – 2014.

Preprints/ Publications:

All my publications can be found at https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=3CBATegAAAAJ&hl=en

  1. On open book embedding of contact manifolds in the standard contact sphere, Canadian Math. Bulletin, 1-16 (2019).
  2. Contact and isocontact embedding of π-manifolds, Proc. Math. Sci. 130, 52 (2020).
  3. Embedding of 3-manifolds via open books (with Dishant M. Pancholi and Suhas Pandit), to appear in the Journal of the Ramanujan Math. Soc.
  4. A note on embedding of 4-manifolds (with Abhijeet Ghanwat), to appear in the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Math.
  5. On open books and embeddings of smooth and contact manifolds (with Arijit Nath), arXiv:2005.10772v2[math.GT].
  6. Periodic surface homeomorphisms and contact structures (with Dheeraj Kulkarni and Kashyap Rajeevsarathy), arXiv:2007.15063v1 [math.GT]
  7. A note on embedding of achiral Lefschetz fibration (with Arijit Nath), arXiv:2009.08651v1 [math.GT].


  • NBHM M.Sc. Fellowship, 2011.
  • NBHM Ph.D. Fellowship, 2013.
  • CSIR-NET JRF (All India Rank-14), 2013.


  • Embedding of low dimensional manifolds, at The Boston College Geometry/Topology/Dynamics Virtual Seminar, 2021.
  • Application of open book and Lefschetz fibration to optimal embedding of 3 and 4 manifolds, Trends in Low-dimensional Topology, 2020 (organizers: Kristen Hendricks, Miriam Kuzbary, Tye Lidman, Lenny Ng, and Lisa Piccirillo).
  • Open book decomposition and embedding of smooth manifolds, SMUD seminar, ISI Delhi, 2020.
  • Embedding 3-manifolds via open books, Virtual Math Fest, 2020 India.
  • Pseudo-periodic maps and contact structures. 2020, Math Symposium–IISER Bhopal.
  • What are open books? 2019, Departmantal Seminar, IISER Bhopal.
  • 3-manifolds and the Lickorish-Wallace theorem Ph.D. Student seminar, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, 2015.
  • Calculations of unoriented cobordism groups in dimension 1 to 7, Topology Seminar, Fourier Institute, Grenoble, 2014.
  • Triviality of the oriented 3-dimensional cobordism group, Topology Seminar, Fourier Institute, Grenoble, 2014.


Contact: kuldeep.saha@gmail.com (e-mail)