Payel Sadhukhan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Payel Sadhukhan works in the field of cryptography, machine learning and privacy preserving machine learning.

She has obtained her PhD in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata in 2020. Prior to that,  in 2013, she obtained her Masters degree in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Techno India, Salt Lake. She was a Visiting Scientific Researcher at Field’s Institute of Mathematics, Toronto in February 2015. 

Her M.Tech thesis was focused on crater detection. During her PhD days, she has worked on some practical issues in Machine Learning. They are class-imbalance of data, multi-label data and open set classification. She has also explored a relatively new technique, principles of reverse nearest neighborhood in a number of her works. She has solved the problem of open set classification using the principles of reverse nearest neighborhood. Cryptography was her passion since her college days. During the final days of her PhD, her interest in cryptography was rekindled. At present, her research encompasses cryptography and machine learning and the conjunction of the two.