Dr. Sayan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor, IAI TCG CREST

Research Interest

  • Functional analysis
  • Operator algebra
  • Noncommutative geometry
  • K-theory

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Muenster, Germany
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics, IIT Bombay.
  • B.Sc. Honours in Mathematics, St. Xaviers College, Kolkata.

Awards and Fellowships

  • INSPIRE Faculty award
  • NPDF (National Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • NBHM Post-doc fellowship
  • DAAD fellowship to visit University of Göttingen, Germany

Further details are available in my Home Page.



  1. Isomorphism and morita equivalence classes for crossed products of irrational rotation algebras by cyclic subgroups of SL_2(\mathbb{Z}) (with Bönicke, He, and  Liao),  Journal of Functional Analysis 275 (2018), Issue 11, 3208-3243. [arXiv]

  2. Tracing cyclic homology pairings under twisting of graded algebras (with Yamashita), Lett. Math. Phys (2019)[arXiv]

  3. Metaplectic transformations and finite group actions on noncommutative tori (with Luef), Journal of Operator Theory, Volume 82, Issue 1, 2019, pp. 147-172. [arXiv]

  4. Some remarks on K_0 of noncommutative tori, Math. Scand., Vol 126 No 2 (2020), 387-400[arXiv]

  5. A note on crossed products of rotation algebras (with Bönicke, He, and  Liao), Journal of Operator Theory, Volume 85, Issue 2, 2021 pp. 391-402[arXiv]

  6. Tracing projective modules over noncommutative orbifolds, to appear in the  Journal of Noncommutative Geometry. **[arXiv]

  7. Higher dimensional Bott classes and the stability of rotation relations (with Hua), to appear in Indiana University Mathematics Journal[arXiv]

  8. Appendix to: C. Farsi and N. Watling, Symmetrized noncommutative tori. Math. Ann. 296 (1993), no. 4, 739–741 (with Farsi and Watling), Mathematische Annalen[Online First]

  9. K-theory of non-commutative Bernoulli Shifts (with Echterhoff, Kranz, and Nishikawa),  Mathematische Annalen[Online First] [arXiv]

Contact: sayan.chakraborty@tcgcrest.org