Dr. Suratno Basu

Assistant Professor, IAI TCG CREST

Research and Education

My broad subject area can be classified as Algebraic Geometry. My specific research interests at present are studying various moduli spaces of algebro geometric objects (for example, vector bundles, principle bundles etc), stability questions, birational Geometry, rational curves on varieties.

I have done my PhD from Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2016 in Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. V Balaji. I completed my M.Sc from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira (currently RKMVU) in 2008 and B.Sc (Hons), Math from Jaipuria College (Calcutta University) in 2005.



  • 2021 Feb – 2023 April: Assistant Professor, SRM University, AP 

  • 2019 May – 2021 Jan:  Visiting Fellow, Chennai Mathematical Institute

  • 2017 May – 2019 Oct: Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute Of the Mathematical Sciences (IMSC)

  • 2016 Sep – 2017 April: Visiting Researcher, ICMAT, Madrid


Here is a list of the courses offered by me:

  • Discrete Math for engineering students, SRM AP (Instructor)

  • Calculus for engineering students, SRM, AP (Instructor)

  • Linear Algebra, SRM, AP (Instructor)

  • Multi variable calculus, SRM, AP (Instructor)

  • Algebra II, for Bsc students, SRM, AP (Instructor)

  • Algebraic Geometry II, CMI, Chennai (Instructor)

Apart from the above, I was a teaching assistant for various Annual foundation schools and Advanced Instructional schools organized by NCM.


Awards and Fellowships

  • NBHM postdoctoral fellowship (2017), Not availed
  • CSIR NET, JRF Fellowship (2009)
  • NBHM, Phd Fellowship (2008)
  • Indian Statistical Institute JRF Fellowship (2008)

Conferences Organized

  • Co-organizer of ‘A Mini conference on Number theory and related topics’, SRM, AP, 2021.

  • Co-organizer (Convenor) of ‘An International conference on topics of Algebraic geometry and Commutative algebra’, SRM, AP, 2022.




  1. Generators of the cohomology ring, after Newstead, Proc. American Math Society,(2022), S. Basu, A. Dan, I. Kaur

  2. A Torelli type theorem for nodal curves, International Journal of Mathematics (IJM), 2021, S. Basu, S. Das

  3. Degeneration of intermediate Jacobian and The Torelli theorem, S. Basu, A. Dan, I. Kaur, Documenta Matematica, 2019, Vol-24, 1739-1767

  4. 4. System Of Hodge bundles and semistability of generalised opers on smooth, projective varieties, S. Basu, A. Paul, A Saha, Journal of Geometry and Physics, Vol-145, 2019.

  5. Moduli space of parabolic vector bundles over hyperelliptic curves, S. Basu, S. Pal, Procedeeings of Indian Academy of Sciences, Vol-128, No-57, 2018.

  6. Stability of the Parabolic Poincare bundle, S. Basu, I. Biswas; K. Dan, International Journal Of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, Vol-15, No-5, 2018

  7. Stability of Secant Bundles on Second Symmetric Power of Curves, S. Basu, K.Dan, Archiv Der Mathematik, Vol-110, 245-249, 2018.

  8. On a relative Mumford-Newstead Theorem, S. Basu, Bulletin des Science Mathematique, Vol-140, No-8, 2016



  1. Existence of Ulrich Bundle on general surfaces, S Basu, S. Pal

  2.  Stability of Sysygy bundles corresponding to stable vector bundles on algebraic surfaces, S. Basu, S. Pal.

  3. Finite group actions on Higgs bundle moduli spaces and twisted equivariant structures, S. Basu, O Garcia-Prada.

Contact: suratno.basu@tcgcrest.org