IAI, TCG CREST is hiring for the post of project associate for the project “Cryptographically Enforced Access Control System using Attribute-based Encryption”. 

Qualification: M. Sc. or an M. Tech in (Mathematics/ Computer Science) with a good academic record. The candidates should have done some basic course(s) on Cryptology and should be accustomed to writing in LaTex.

Job Description: The candidate needs to develop cryptographic solutions for Access control systems using Attribute-Based Encryption. The candidate needs to document the problem and the proposed solution (in proper algorithmic form) along with proof of the security in LaTex. It will also be expected that the candidate should be comfortable with working in a team. This would be a full-time involvement.
Remuneration: The salary will be Rs. 30000/- (consolidated) per month. The initial appointment will be for 8 months.
No of Positions: 1
Application Deadline: 15th August, 2022 E.O.DHow to Apply: Apply via e-mail with a CV (containing your personal and complete academic details). The e-mail should be sent to all of the following three e-mail ids: rana.barua@tcgcrest.org, nilanjan.datta@tcgcrest.org, avijit.dutta@tcgcrest.org.


Based on the interviews conducted for the post of Project Assistant for the Project “Cryptographically Enforced Access Control System using Attribute-based Encryption” the following list is prepared:

Selected Candidate: Bishakha Sarkar

Waiting List: Nupur Biswas (WL-1), Masud Ikbal (WL-2), Sabarni Mondal (WL-3).