We are organizing a weekly seminar, Meet-in-the-Middle, from 18th August 2021. This seminar is held on each Wednesday from 16:00. The aim of this seminar is to create the diversification of the knowledge and to share and explore new research ideas in Computer Science and Mathematics among the researchers and the students. Each week, a designated speaker from IAI (Faculties and Students) or from other institutes will be delivering the talk. A prior notice about the topic will be intimated a week before the talk.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Kausik Sengupta (kausik.sengupta@wwwnew.tcgcrest.org) and Dr. Avijit Dutta (avijit.dutta@wwwnew.tcgcrest.org).

Upcoming Talk:

Name of the Speaker: Prof. Rana Barua
Affiliation: Visiting Scientist, IAI, TCG CREST
Date: 22nd September 2021
Title of the talk: On the equation $RX^2+SY^2\equiv 1\bmod N$ and its application to Cryptography
Abstract: We shall look at attempts at solving the congruence and how it has been used in constructing certain cryptographic primitives.

Previous Talks:

  • Name of the Speaker: Dr. Avijit Dutta
    Affiliation: Post-doctoral Scholar at IAI, TCG-CREST
    Date: 25th August, 2021
    Title of the talk: A Brief Introduction to Zero-Knowlege Proofs
    Links: [Slides] [Video]

  • Name of the Speaker: Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy (Inauguration talk)
    Affiliation: Professor at ISI, Honorary Chairman at IAI, TCG-CREST
    Date: 18th August 2021.
    Title of the talk: Some Interesting Ongoing Research Problems in Cryptology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Mathematics.