The research program in the Cryptography and Security group at IAI TCG-CREST focuses on the theoretical as well as the applied aspect of Cryptology and Security research. The long-term objective of the group is to carry out top-notch academic and industrial research in the field of theoretical and applied Cryptography and Security and to bring out the future generation leading crypto experts by the means of providing rigorous training in the field. Alongside, the plan is to carry out successful collaboration with industries and government agencies for innovation and international accolades. The group mostly, but is not restricted to, works in the following areas of specialization in Cryptology and Security.

  • Foundations of Cryptography
  • Provable Security of Symmetric Key Cryptography
  • Design and Analysis of Efficient Authenticated Encryption
  • Light-Weight Cryptography
  • Beyond Birthday Bound Security of Symmetric key cryptographic primitives
  • Symmetric key cryptanalysis
  • Symmetric Searchable Encryption
  • Cryptographic Boolean Function
  • Secure Cloud Computing
  • Secure IoT Systems
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Attribute Based Encryption
  • Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computation
  • Lattice based Cryptography
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • White-Box Cryptography

We are expecting to include more topics in the future pertinent to the cryptography and security area depending upon the requirement and global innovations. In particular, we are aiming to contribute to the area of network security.

Cryptology and Quantum Group

The group is mentored by Prof. Bimal Kr Roy and Prof. Subhamoy Maitra. The members of the group are listed below.

Research Scholars

The following students are working on the Cryptology and Security group.

Research Courses on Cryptology

In the last and ongoing semester, we have offered the following research courses on Cryptology for our first and second-year Ph.D. students:

  • Cryptology (Instructors: Prof. Rana Barua and Dr. Arpita Maitra)
  • Advanced Cryptography (Instructors: Dr. Avijit Dutta and Dr. Bimal Mandal)
  • Symmetric Key Cryptology – Advanced (Instructors: Dr. Nilanjan Datta and Dr. Avijit Dutta)
  • Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography (Instructor: Dr. Arpita Maitra)
  • Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography – Advanced (Instructor: Dr. Arpita Maitra)
  • A Reading Course on Lattice based Cryptography (Instructor: Dr. Avijit Dutta)

International Conferences and Workshops Organized

IAI, TCG CREST will host the conference INDOCRYPT 2022 ( Dec 11 РDec 14, 2022). Indocrypt 2022 is part of the Indocrypt series organized under the aegis of the Cryptology Research Society of India. Indocrypt conference targets researchers and academicians in the areas, which include but are not limited to foundations, new cryptographic primitive proposals, cryptanalysis, security models, cryptographic protocols, quantum/post-quantum cryptography, etc.

Cryptographic Workshops Organized:

International Crypto – Webinar, 2021
International Crypto – Webinar, 2020

Professional Activities

  • Dr Arpita Maitra is working as a PI in two classified projects related to Quantum Random Number Generation, Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Cryptanalysis on Symmetric Ciphers.

  • Prof. Rana Barua, Dr. Nilanjan Datta, Dr. Avijit Dutta and Dr. Arpita Maitra are working on a private project on “Attribute Based Encryption”.

  • Dr. Avijit Dutta is selected in the Editorial Board of IACR Transactions on Symmetric key Cryptology (ToSC 2022/2023).

  • Dr. Nilanjan Datta is added in the Program Committee of INDOCRYPT 2022.

Recent Publications

Here is a list of important publications from our group. 

  • Y. Chen, A. Dutta, M. Nandi: Multi-user BBB Security of Public Permutations Based MAC, Cryptography and Communications 2022.

  • N. Datta, A. Dutta, K. Dutta: Improved Security Bound of (E/D)WCDM, IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology 2021 (4): 138 – 176. [Link]

  • T. SAPV, D. Bera, A. Maitra, S. Maitra: Quantum Algorithms for Cryptographically Significant Boolean Functions, Springer Briefs in Computer Science, Springer, 2021, ISSN 2191-5768, ISBN 978-981-16-3060-6. [Link]

  • A. Dutta, M. Nandi, S. Talnikar: Permutation Based EDM: An Inverse Free BBB Secure PRF. IACR Trans. Symmetric Cryptol. 2021(2): 31-70 (2021).

  • A. Chakraborti, N. Datta, A.Jha, C.M. Lopez, M. Nandi: tHyENA: Making HyENA Even Smaller. INDOCRYPT 2021: 26 – 48. [Link]

  • R. Anand, A. Maitra, S. Maitra, C. S. Mukherjee, S. Mukhopadhyay: Quantum Resource Estimation for FSR based Symmetric Ciphers & Related Grovers Attacks. INDOCRYPT 2021: 179 – 198. [Link]
  • A. Chakraborti, N. Datta, A.Jha, C.M. Lopez, M. Nandi, Y. Sasaki: Elastic-Tweak: A Framework for Short Tweak Tweakable Block Cipher. INDOCRYPT 2021: 114 – 137. [Link]
  • A. Dutta: Minimizing the Two-Round Tweakable Even-Mansour Cipher. ASIACRYPT (1) 2020: 601-629
  • R. Anand, A. Maitra, S. Mukhopadhyay: Grover on SIMON, Quantum Information Processing, Vol-19, number-340, (2020), (SCIE, Impact Factor 2.283). https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11128-020-02844-w.

  • A. Dutta, M. Nandi: BBB Secure Nonce Based MAC Using Public Permutations. AFRICACRYPT 2020, pp 172-191 (2020).

  • R. Anand, A. Maitra, S. Mukhopadhyay: Evaluation of Quantum Cryptanalysis on SPECK, Progress in Cryptology INDOCRYPT 2020, pp 395-413. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12578, Springer.

  • J. Dave, A. Dutta, P. Faruki, V. Laxmi, M. S. Gaur: Secure Proof of Ownership Using Merkle Tree for Deduplicated Storage. Autom. Control. Comput. Sci. 54(4): 358-370 (2020).