The research program in the Cryptography and Security group at IAI TCG-CREST focuses on the theoretical as well as the applied aspect of Cryptology and Security research. The long term objective of the group is to carry out top notch academic and industrial research in the field of theoretical and applied Cryptography and Security and to bring out the future generation leading crypto experts by the means of providing rigorous training in the field. Along side, the plan is to carry out successful collaboration with industries and government agencies for innovation and international accolades. The group mostly, but are not restricted to, works in the following areas of specialization in Cryptology and Security.

  • Foundations of Cryptography
  • Provable Security of Symmetric Key Cryptography
  • Design and Analysis of Efficient Authenticated Encryption
  • Beyond Birthday Bound Security of Symmetric key cryptographic primitives
  • Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis
  • Public Key Cryptology
  • Cryptographic protocols
  • Attribute Based Encryption
  • Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computation
  • Cloud Security
  • Symmetric Searachable Encryption
  • Lattice Based Cryptography

We are expecting to include more topics in future pertinent to the cryptography and security area depending upon the requirement and global innovations. In particular, we are aiming to contribute in the area of network security. The group is currently headed by Prof. Rana Barua. The other members of the group includes Dr. Arpita Maitra, Dr. Nilanjan Datta and Dr. Avijit Dutta.